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Download 7Zip free file compression software. 7Zip is the web's best free file archiver with the best compression ratio for Zip files (which means smaller file sizes).

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What Is 7-Zip?

7Zip is a free software program which allows you to open .zip files and other files.

Download 7Zip now and you can open a variety of compresses files formats such as ZIP, RAR, GZIP, TZ, 7Z, and many more. You can also make your own 7Zip files too.

Compress and Share

The 7Zip Download allows you to shrink files and folders, to reduce file size and share with others.

Download 7Zip now and you can see loseless compression of your videos, documents, presentations, images, and any other files you use on a day to day basis.

Easy To Use

7Zip has a variety of 1-click functions, so compressing files has never been easier.

With the 1-click tool you can instantly Zip and Unzip files, choose a location to store them, and instantly view or share files with co-workers, friends, and others. Official statement here

7-Zip is Completely Free

7Zip is an open source software and free to use

7Zip is available 100% free to download, you will never need to pay for 7Zip and support for the software is available free all over the Internet. Meaning you'll never pay for this amazing software.

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